Library Shelf Your Book

Every book* reviewed here at Kid Lit Reviews is donated to a library.  The library buyers read your book and do an in-house review.  A good review could become an order for additional copies for all 19 branches.   Your contact information is included with the book.  If you have a business card, please send it with your book (do not attach it to the book).

If you have ever wanted your book in a library, this is the easiest way to accomplish that goal.  The Toledo-Lucas County Public Library, my library, lost $6.4 million in budget cuts this year (2012).  Please consider sending a print copy of your book for review.  It helps the library and it helps you.

There is NO charge for a review or the library donation.  We reserve the right to cancel a review after reading the book, but it will still be give to the library and its buyers for review.

Please make sure your book has normal story elements for the genre. Remember:  Character – Plot – Conflict – Show not Tell.


*Book must be a store-ready, printed version.  ARCs  cannot be given to a library (is acceptable for a review here).

If interested, please read the submission guidelines HERE.

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