Rating System

Quick Note About the Rating System

Looking around the books ties, including my own, too many books received a 5-Star rating. 5-Stars, the top rating on most every site, symbolizes an outstanding, brilliant book.   I think 5-Star ratings should be for the absolute best, but instead seems to be the expected rating for a good book.  Kid Lit Reviews is trying to aim higher.

To help those books that really shine, but not take away from other great books, here on KLR 5-Stars will mean less, but will not hurt an author when a review is published elsewhere. The top rating will be 6-Stars. One extra star for the book that is brilliant in writing and storytelling and/or illustration, whether a middle grade novel or a picture book.  The system will stand as is, and the sixth star will be added.  

Receiving 6-Stars will actually mean something.   Every book receiving a 6-Star review will be included in the “Best Books of the Year” page,  AND be in the running for Top Book of the Year, (at the  moment, essentially bragging rights).

Should you buy a book?

6 = Brilliant  absolute must buy, read, share, but keep!

5 = Above Average:  worthy of your bookshelf.

4 = Good:  buy and share (where most traditionally published books should fall).

3 = Average:  worth reading, but has some editing problems.

2 = Good:  needs moderate work on character development, plot, conflicts, resolution, and may need editing.

1 = Poor:  should not have been published at this time, needs extensive work.

0 = Something I have never awarded and never will, the book will simply not be reviewed.

**Please keep in mind that the stars are not equivalent across genres.

Please remember, this rating is the opinion of the reviewer at Kid Lit Reviews and of no one else.  An opinion.  Neither right nor wrong.  Please use this as a starting point in your decision to read or purchase the reviewed title.  Most books can be found on various review sites. Check out those sites and look at other works from the same author.

Updated June 2016

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