Why I Must Leave KLR

Due to health issues, I am no longer able to review children’s books, except on a case-by-case basis, and, mostly likely, no more than once a week.

I sincerely apologize to those creatives waiting for a review. I am only reviewing what I consider the best-of-the-best (those books that would receive a starred review and automatically qualifying for “Best of the Year” in their genre and “Best Book Overall”).

Others might receive a short comment on Amazon (as time permits; not guaranteed), which may be copied to Goodreads, Twitter, and other sites in favor of the creatives, without seeking permission. See notation* information, below.

KLR will remain available indefinitely.

Please only send books you consider exceptional! Please remember, I do not review young adult. Books reviewed for age 0—13.

Please send eBooks (kindle or PDF) for board, picture, & chapter books (fastest method) to:  sue_KLR-NYRB@kindle.com or attach eBook – PDF to a reply email, or if you prefer, you may gift me an eBook. Hopefully, any of these options will cost you nothing. [eBooks not given to others.]

Because MG is a different sort of beast and hard on my eyes, please send a physical book for middle grade fiction and nonfiction. Most will be reviewed, even if  not a starred review (just by virtue of a cost usually being incurred by creative or publisher).

Send physical MG books (no return; most donated to family shelters and local home for battered wives and children) to:

Kids Lit Review
c/o Sue Morris
545 Federman St.
Toledo 43609-1938

*Feel free to copy a review in part or whole on any site as long as “Sue Morris@KidsLitReview” is notated and the review copied is linked directly to the original review. No permission needed.

Thank you for 13 years–10 on KLR–of review books and comments, plus many,many more unique eyes each day! I will appreciate your continued weekly check of Kids Lit Review.

Much love and continued reading!

Sue Morris
previously known as https://Kid-Lit-Reviews.com