#1323 – All Right Already!:  A Snowy Story by Jory John & Benji Davies


Series: Goodnight Already #4
Written by Jory John
Illustrated by Benji Davies
HarperCollins Children’s Books—2018
32 Pages   Age 4—8

Genre:  Children’s Picture Book, Fiction
Themes: Friendships, Opposites, One-Sided Relationships


Jacket Flap:

Duck wants to play in the snow.
But Bear thinks it’s waaaaay too cold.

Who will Duck hike in the snow with?
Will Bear ever come outside?

Opening Sentences

“’Ah, another magnificent day. I love my morning routine. Wait a minute. Everything looks . . .’”

Why I like All Right Already!:  A Snowy Story

I would feel remiss if readers never heard of this hilarious story about miss-matched friends. All Right Already!:  A Snowy Story should have, would have been reviewed when it released if not for my own illness (even though, as Duck said, “That would be nice,” neither he nor Bear noticed or rushed over to help).

Snow has fallen. A lot! Duck is excited to see the snow outside and hikes over to his neighbor, Bear, to get him excited and outside to play. Bear is not interested—at all! Somehow, the unflappable Duck gets Bear outdoors, but Bear’s attitude does not change. Does he want to play freeze tag? “No.” Build a snow fort? Make a snowbear? “No.” and “No.” To every idea Duck brings forth Bear replies, “No.”

Not deterred by the incurious Bear, Duck wears him down. “All right already, Duck,” Bear sighs. Duck’s activity gets Bear “drenched,” cold, and ready to go inside, but not before, “AHH . . . AHHH . . . AHHH . . . AH . . . CHOOOOOO”

Bear retreats inside. Duck follows, determined to take care of his ill friend. Duck inundates Bear with helpful questions. “Make you some soup?” Bear replies, “No.” A story? A blanket? Anything? “No.”  “No.” And, “No.” Soon enough Duck’s questions wear down Bear.

“ALL RIGHT ALREADY!” But the vivacious Duck doesn’t know when to stop helping. “Duck . . . OUT! Now!” (First time Bear shows emotion in his voice.) Jeez, Duck dejectedly says, “All right already, Bear.”

Once home, Ducks begins feeling icky and wonders if Bear will notice and take care of him. Since Bear hasn’t figured out on his own that Duck needs help (“wants” is a better word), Duck takes matters into his own hands—it works! But in no time Bear once more growls, “ALL RIGHT ALREADY, DUCK.”

A Snowy Story brings together the blasé Bear with the determined Duck (who wants to share life’s wonderous moments with his neighbor). Children will giggle at Duck’s persistent questions and maybe even relate to him. Parents may well relate to Bear and his disinterested “no” to each query Duck makes. Relating or not, parent and child will laugh at this story of wanted and unwanted friendship and aid.

For those who love to give characters distinctive voices as they read a story aloud, A Snowy Story will not disappoint. Bear can be voiced as monotonous, stoic, and even half-hearted when giving in to Duck, “All right already.” Duck may seem optimistic in his enthusiasm to include Bear but he is also meddlesome and ca be bossy.

The art is equally impressive at telling this story, especially with laugh-out-loud humor children will enjoy. In no time kids will be reading A Snowy Story on their own thanks to the wonderful illustrations and the repeatable text. Check out the details in the art. Bear’s expression changes little, but when it does BE PREPARED! And snow can show up from any direction, so keep an eye out. And Duck, well, Duck is a dynamo, with the expressions and body language to match (which children might actually try copying). Duck is (almost) always ready to help Bear enjoy the outdoors, or help him recover from his cold.

Jory and Davies have created two likable, relatable, and sustainable (4th book in series) characters sure to be beloved by children who might recognize themselves in Bear and Duck. Eventually, these two characters experience a role reversal, with Duck’s behavior changing the most. (Like a wonderful parent, Bear remains true to himself.)

Overall, these two characters are simply fun. And, as odd as this may seem, I think this odd couple are good role models. Duck may be pushy but he is also (trying to be) a helpful and concerned friend. Bear may want to be left alone, but in his heart-of-hearts I bet he is glad to have Duck’s friendship. While the snow is still falling, get your little one a copy of A Snowy Story.

Learn More About Author Jory John:  Website
Learn More About Artist Benji Davies:  Blog

Available at Amazon:  All Right Already! A Snowy Story

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All Right Already!:  A Snowy Story (Goodnight Already #4). Text Copyright © 2018 by Jory John. Illustrations copyright © 2018 by Benji Davies. Published by HarperCollins Children’s Books, New York, NY.


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2 thoughts on “#1323 – All Right Already!:  A Snowy Story by Jory John & Benji Davies

  1. What a super-fun pair. Duck and Bear on a snowy day sound a little like Mom and me on a snowy day. Mom is all about getting out there to have fun. I am all about staying warm and cozy in our house.

    Love and licks,

    Liked by 2 people

    • I understand your situation, Cupcake. I loved the snow and snow days as a kid, but now . . . I’m with you. I live next door to a group of dogs (real animals, not people who are–nevermind). Point is, some of those dogs like going outside no matter the weather, but then others (the smart ones, if you ask me), all but refuse to go outside , preferring their warm kennel.

      Stay warm and try to keep your cold-venturing mom warm as well.

      Liked by 2 people

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