Review Requests rev. 8-2020

Now Accepting Books

Release Dates: 2021

Review Requests for 2020 releases is now closed.

KLR ACCEPTS ONLY CHILDREN’S BOOKS FOR AGE 0—14. No young adult or adult. Physical Book, Digital (Kindle & PDF), F&G, and ARC are acceptable formats. 

All reviews will now be automatically posted on Amazon. No need to ask. Let me know if you prefer to opt out OR NEED SPECIFIC DATE. OTHERWISE CAN TAKE SOME TIME TO APPEAR ON AMAZON. 

Kid Lit Reviews (KLR), reviews board books through middle grade books. I DO NOT review young adult books for readers over the age of 14.

If you are interested in a review, send a request to and, if accepted, the mailing address will be sent. Or use this CONTACT form.

Please include with your request a Press Release or the following information (as much as possible):

Book Title
Author’s name
Illustrator’s name
Publisher name
Genre and Number of Pages
Date First Published
Short Synopsis (3 to 4 sentences max.)

I need to be able to read a few pages or a couple of spreads. Using Amazon’s “Look Inside” feature will accomplish this if you allow readers to read a chapter or two of a middle grade novel, four pages of a chapter book or graphic novel, and three spreads of a picture book. (Doing this will not harm sales–but it might help sales.)

If accepted you will receive an address by reply email.  If no reply is received, it is due to the large number of requests making it difficult to reply to all everyone, though I would love to do so.

Reviews are copyright protected. If you want to put an entire review on your site or another site, please send a request via the contact form. Please tell me where, when, and how long. If you would like me to post the email on another site, such as Amazon, please send a request including where you want it posted, using the contact form.

Please keep in mind: Postings on other sites are done as time allows, eventually it will get there–unless I do not have authority to post on a site. 

Book Tour participation on request. Please ask as soon as you can. This way a date can be held for the tour.

**Due to the number of books received for review, no review is guaranteed, even after a book is accepted. Books accepted based on spreads/pages read pre-acceptance. Will not accept a book without first reading a few spreads/pages. Use Amazon’s “Look Inside” feature and show several pages–will not hurt sales, but may help.