#7 – Six Sheep Sip Thick Shakes by Brian Cleary


Six Sheep Sip Thick Shakes has enough tongue twisters to challenge kids and adults.  This is not a story in the usual sense.  The only connection between the pages is the ability to tie your tongue into knots.  The illustrations playfully express the words on the page, but will not help you read them aloud.  These are truly trying twisters for your tongue.  Kids will enjoy the entertainingly silly sentences that will have them “giggling, groaning and guffawing” as they (try to) read each aloud.

This unusual book is bound to break up a boring afternoon, add laughter to your day, and have you and your child writing your own tongue twisters after reading Mr. Cleary’s instructions, at the end of the book.  If six sheep sipping thick shakes does not trip you up, just wait, there might be “two-ton trains transporting twelve three-toed turtles twist trickily on the twin tracks” waiting to trip your tongue and tie it into knots.

Note:  received galley from Net Galley, courtesy of the publisher


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