#202 – Bible Detective: A Puzzle Search Book by Peter Martin

5 stars
Bible Detective: A Puzzle Search Book
Peter Martin
Lion Children's Books
48 Pages   Ages: 4+


Are  you a super sleuth?

Have you got an eagle eye?

 Back Cover:  This book is a treasure trove of fabulously detailed pictures from the world of the Bible. You’ll have hours of fun trying to find people and objects from ancient times, as well as scores of animals, birds—and even frogs. As you exercise your brain solving the puzzles, you’ll also become a real expert on the fascinating setting of some of the Bible’s greatest stories.


Bible Detective is similar to Where’s Waldo in that you must find people and objects within a setting. Each spread has the landscape of a familiar Bible story. Buried within are ordinary objects of the time. In Noah’s time, when he was a herdsman, before he built the ark,  his village had soldiers, wild animals, olive trees, and goats wondering around the village. Can you find them?

In King Solomon’s Jerusalem  objects unique to that time included pomegranate trees, chariots, horses, and the Queen of Sheba. All of these are waiting to be discovered. The Bible Detective will have you exploring the lands of Abraham, Moses, and the Egyptian slaves, among others. If you are not sure what happened in Babylon, there is a blurb explaining something important about the place.

I like this book of puzzles. I like puzzles where you need to explore every part of it to find what you need or to find what is different. Having stored my memories of the Bible stories in a compartment labeled “childhood,” working these puzzles refreshed my memory and ignited a renewed interest in them. I think the same can be true of anyone who works these puzzles. Or, maybe this is the first time you have heard one or more of these stories. I think you would enjoy learning of these lands for the first time.

The illustrations are detailed and historically accurate. I think the spreads are eye-catching and that there will be something, or many things, in each illustration will catch your eye. The book is colorful, yet toned down, similar to our image of the times. Bible Detective is a great introduction to the Bible stories for kids of all ages. What better way to learn than when fun is a big part of the lesson? As a bonus, a wily fox runs from spread to spread. Can you find him each time?

I like the description of the time and the land on each spread. The book does not preach nor is it dogmatic. Each spread gives historical facts about the time and the land rather than going into scripture. Anyone interested in the Bible will enjoy these puzzles and learn something new. Sunday school teachers will find this book has many uses in the classroom. Individual study time to group activities, Bible Detective can invigorate any classroom.

This book will make a great gift for any child who enjoys puzzles and is interested in the Bible or for a child you would like to develop such an interest. Though written with children in mind, Bible Detective is interesting and unique enough to enthrall any adult.

Bible Detective: A Puzzle Search Book

Author: Peter Martin   info
Illustrator: Peter Kent   info
Publisher: Lion Children's Books/ Kregel Pub.   website
Release Date: October 1, 2012
ISBN: 978-0-7459-6276-4
Number of Pages: 48
Ages: 4+


If anyone knows the author or illustrator’s website address, please let me know.

5 thoughts on “#202 – Bible Detective: A Puzzle Search Book by Peter Martin

    • Oh, Rhythm you are such a dog! There is a fox that hides in every spread. You would be great at finding it. There are not too many bones to be found, but that fox is a dickens to find. (Dickens is the author of the next review. Pretty sly, huh?)


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