The World’s BEST Hug

Dear Readers,

I was going to present this to you on Christmas day, but today, both reviews I tried to write did not have everything in to me. It is too late to start again. Yes, I should have checked before I started, but being they are Christmas books, I . . . never still should have checked.

Here is a wonderful video, about a woman who found a very sick lion five years ago and took it home. She helped mend this beautiful creature and then made sure he had a safe, friendly home in a nearby zoo. Five years after the lion moved into the zoo, the woman went to visit the lion for the first time since he moved into the zoo.

There is a saying in dog rescue that the dog never forgets the person who rescue it. I believe this is true, because I have seen how dogs react to one who rescued them. Apparent it is true for other species. Spectators watching the woman approach the lion feared she’s be bitten or mauled. Watch what really happened .  . . (I apologize for the song, it is loud. I’d prefer the sound of the lion, myself. I bet he purred really loud!)

If I were that woman, after this reception, I would want to get into the cage to greet the lion. He looks so happy. This is the same joy I see on some rescued dogs. It is actually hard to explain, but the lion does a good job of it.

If I get the requested images today, I will have a review this afternoon. Please enjoy the lion until then.


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