#848 – Kooky Crumbs by J. Patrick Lewis and Mary Uhles

kookycrumbscover Kooky Crumbs: Poems in Praise of Dizzy Days
Written by J. Patrick Lewis
Illustrated by Mary Uhles
Kane Miller Books 3/01/2016
32 pages    Ages 6+

“No matter the day, no matter the month, no matter the year, there’s always something to celebrate. Some holidays are fixed on a certain day (National Cereal Day, March 7), and some day change year to year (Pancake Day). But whenever they happen (Look Alike Day, April 20), and why ever they happen (Hug a Greeting Card Writer Day), a poem is always a great way to start the festivities.

“There are days honoring almost everything. Some drop off our calendar, and new ones are added every year. Have a great idea? Do some research, gather some like-minded supporters, get out a pencil and paper, and off you go!” [inside jacket]

Kooky Crumbs celebrates some kooky “holidays” one may only find online, but all are interesting, especially when J. Patrick Lewis, former U. S. Children’s Poet Laureate, poetically reminds us of each day. Holidays such as National Hot Dog Day, National DNA Day, and National Vinegar Day. There is also World Vegetarian Day, World UFO Day, World Math Day, and World Toilet Day (to celebrate not just by best toilet brands, but families who’s nerves and time they save).


“I think that I shall never see
An outhouse lovely as a tree,
That ugly seat and what‘s below . . .
Unless I really have to go.”


Lewis’s poems are witty and fun to read and read aloud. The holidays he has chosen are unusual and probably not known to many except those intimately involved in that particular day. Kooky Crumbs is definitely a fun way to introduce kids to not only poetry, but to some of the craziest holidays people have developed. My favorite from Kooky Crumbs, for National Zipper Day, “Zipper-Up Zack,” has a nice, unexpected twist tied into a second “holiday.”

Zipper-Up Zack

“Zipper-up Zack
Wore zippers galore.
He had more zippers
Than a fabric store.
He zipped his arems,
His legs and feet,
He zipped himself
To the toilet seat.
He zipped his toes,
His stomach and hips,
His ears, nose, neck,
His tongue and lips.
He zipped his eyes,
Eyebrows, eyelids.
He zipped up his kids!
Then Zipper-up Zack . . .

November 16th
is Button Day.”

The illustrations are as much fun as the poems. Uhles’s images bring each poem alive, often in quite literally and always in comical fashion. Kids will enjoy these poems and may become curious as to the other holidays running daily. They may even be encouraged to start their own day. How about:  Middle Grade Goof-Off Day or maybe Appreciate Ice Cream Sundae, on a Sunday, of course.


Kooky Crumbs is an excellent choice for National Poetry Month. It can encourage kids to enjoy poetry in everyday life, get them writing their own poems, and instill an interest in the strange “days” someone has assigned to each day, month, and year. The author provides many opportunities for extra activities. Once again, J. Patrick Lewis does not disappoint.

KOOKY CRUMBS: POEMS IN PRAISE OF DIZZY DAYS. Text copyright © 2016 by J. Patrick Lewis. Illustrations copyright © 2016 by Mary Uhles. Reproduced by permission of the publisher, Kane Miller Books, Tulsa, OK.

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KOOKY CRUMBS: POEMS IN PRAISE OF DIZZY DAYS. Illustrations © 2016 by Mary Uhles. Used by permission of Kane Miller Books.




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