#894 – Pirate’s Perfect Pet by Beth Ferry and Matt Myers

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piratesperfectpetcover Pirate’s Perfect Pet
Written by Beth Ferry
Illustrated by Matt Myers
Candlewick Press  8/02/2016
32 pages   Ages 4—8

“Big brave Captain Crave can check off most items on the ‘Be Your Best Buccaneer’ handy checklist. He has a pirate ship, an eye patch, courage and daring, and more. Only one thing is missing: Captain Crave doesn’t have a pet.

Well, shuck me an oyster!
That won’t do!
All hands on deck!

“Join the captain and his crew as they race and chase critters of every size and shape, causing a commotion wherever they go—as good pirates should. And just when all seems lost—Ahoy!—the search party stumbles upon what may be the most perfectly perfect pet for Captain Crave. ‘Yo ho!’”  [inside jacket]

Captain Crave saw a bottle afloat in the ocean. Before anyone could say, “Yo, matey!” the Captain was in the water with the bottle on his hook. Back on deck, bottle opened, Captain Crave found a letter from his Mummy and a single doubloon. Mummy sent him one of those checklists you find in magazines that tell you what you should have accomplished. The “Be Your Best Buccaneer Magazine” ran just such a list: “Think You’re the Perfect Pirate Captain?” Captain Crave did think he was the perfect captain, so he and his first mate double-checked this list.

Do you have a ship? Yo, ho! He sure does have a ship—check! A hook? Check. On and on the list went. Captain Crave was on his way to confirmation as the “Perfect Captain,” until . . . did he have a pet. All Captain Crave could say was, “We need to find me a pet.” And this is just what he and his pirate crew did. They landed ashore; checked out all the critters they could find. Nothing on the beach was what Captain Crave thought to be a good match.


Inland they stop at a farm and then the zoo. Finally, more inland yet, Captain Crave landed at “The Pet Emporium.” He saw dogs and cats, ferrets and fish, bunnies, and birds. Then something landed atop Captain Crave’s pirate head with a definitive, PLOP! Lo and behold, Captain Crave spied the most unusual of pets. But was it the Pirate’s Perfect Pet?

If you have ever tried to find your perfect pet, you will understand Captain Crave’s hunt. Crave is a Captain—a Pirate Captain. Only the best, most-perfect pirate pet would do. Without this perfect pet, the “Perfect Captain” checklist went incomplete. What would his Mummy think? Oh, wait. The Captain also needs a peg leg; he does not have one of those.

Kids will find the Captain unlike any other pirate they have ever seen. He looks perfectly pirate. He talks like a pirate, and walks like a pirate. Still, how many Captains would fish a bottle out of the sea? Plus, I love the diversity. His first mate is a woman, the crew a bit clownish, and the possible pet animals hilarious.

The acrylic and oil paint illustrations tell the story with much character and humor; the type young children will love. Keep an eye on the small details. Myers loads the pages with interesting objects (such as Captain Crave’s pirate hat, with the expressive skull “patch”). The good captain even has a teddy bear in his treasure chest.


The text holds its own, telling the story with pirate speak and repetition. Wherever the pirates go, they always cause an uproar:

“They caused quite a commotion, as good pirates should.”

The repetition will have kids reading along in no time. I love the last part of the sentence, “. . . as good pirates should.” Immediately, I thought of kids and how kids should be acting like children, not little adults (which far too many do nowadays). Pirates must be pirates and kids must be kids. In a subtle way, kids are told to do as kids do—be a kid.

In uproarious humor and fun, brightly imagined images, Ferry and Myers tickle the funny bones of both children and adults with a rowdy read-a-long worthy of any pirate. Pirate’s Perfect Pet is a great story for any time of day.

PIRATE’S PERFECT PET. Text copyright © 2016 by Beth Ferry. Illustrations copyright © 2016 by Matt Myers. Reproduced by permission of the publisher, Candlewick Press, Somerville, MA.

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Reprinted with permission from PIRATE’S PERFECT PET © 2016 by Beth Ferry, Candlewick Press, Illustrations © 2016 by Matt Myers.




Copyright © 2016 by Sue Morris/Kid Lit Reviews. All Rights Reserved

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Pirate’s Perfect Pet
Written by Beth Ferry
Illustrated by Matt Myers
Candlewick Press 8/02/2016

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