#1203 – ROAR Like a Dandelion by Ruth Krauss & Sergio Ruzzier



ROAR Like a Dandelion
Written by Ruth Krauss
Illustrated by Sergio Ruzzier
Harper  0/00/2019
32 Pages   Ages 4—8

Genre:  Children’s Picture Book, Fiction
Themes: Self-Awareness, Personality, Inspiration


Dance with a leaf.
Jump like a raindrop.
Sit in the sun and shine.

Not since A Hole Is to Dig and Open House for Butterflies have we seen such electric and playful words on a page. This never-before-published story from Ruth Krauss—one of the most beloved children’s book authors of all time—and celebrated artist Sergio Ruzzier is a remarkable collaboration that captures the timeless spirit of Krauss’s signature wit and humor. Paired with Ruzzier’s playful and irresistible drawings, this story will delight readers of all ages and inspire them to roar like dandelions. (from book jacket)

Opening Lines

Act like a sprinkler in summer
Butt like a billy goat

Why I like this book

Ruth Krauss was a beloved children’s book author. Here she invites readers to express themselves in unusual and imaginative ways, often to the delight of only the reader.  Young and old alike will enjoy the suggestions in ROAR Like a Dandelion, which invite readers to act silly, out-of-character, and impulsive.

The illustrations alone are worth the price of admission to this abecedarian list of suggested activities. The imaginative images immediately reminded me of both Maurice Sendak and Dr. Seuss; playful, witty, and often out-of-this-world joyful.

Bullies would be wise to avoid those they pick on, especially a small purple polka dotted mouse holding a paintbrush dripping purple paint.  Off to the left, three monsters, each with a large purple “X” on their bellies appears perplexed. Krauss’s suggestion, which Ruzzier gave to this mouse: X out all the bad stuff.”

A little brownish-orange bear, a satisfied smile upon his face, sits atop an extremely tall stool. On the ground below lies a dozing duck, on a makeshift beach towel. The best object:  an opened book lays upside-down next to Duck’s towel.   Sit in the sun and shine,” Krauss suggests. Thanks to Ruzzier, Duck is a READER!

A full spread has eight variously sized elephants, jumping and flipping. An orange tabby-cat fearfully runs away from these huge raindrops, before their rain fell upon its head. The cat has left behind its umbrella, upside-down; (it cannot shelter against the elephant rain). Krauss invited readers to Jump like a raindrop.” Ruzzier invented the scaredy-cat along with the raining elephants. Earlier, this same tabby-cat was walking under the same umbrella, because it was raining—the same eight elephants.  (Fall like rain”)

I could interpret each letter’s invite to act and Ruzzier’s imaginative action—and then begin again at “A,” new descriptions at the ready. ROAR Like a Dandelion will reach into your imagination as it did mine, making this picture book more than an ABC book. Children will get a kick out of interpreting the images while practicing their imagination, creativity, emotions, and more.

Together, beloved author Ruth Krauss and award-winning artist Sergio Ruzzier have created a delightfully unusual alphabet book, written in a uniquely delightful way. Parents will enjoy reading to their children, while hoping they, too, are encouraged to seize-the-day, to be whatever they want to be, and to—Yes!—ROAR Like a Dandeliion!

But . . . no “buts,” just a happy smile.

Favorite Line

Ignore yourself and get mad”

The illustration:  A lounging bunny, hands behind her head, ears alert, and a large smile is the reflected image in the fancy floor mirror. Looking at her image, the rabbit’s expressions are unhappy, even angry, but definitely cross. Her ears are still alert as she stands, paws on her hips, glaring at her laid back self.

Illustrations:  Rendered in pen & ink and watercolor.

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ROAR Like a Dandelion. Copyright © 2019 by Ruth Krauss. Illustrations copyright © 2019 by Sergio Ruzzier. Published by Harper / HarperCollins, New York, NY.

Copyright © 2019 by Sue Morris/Kid Lit Reviews. All Rights Reserved


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