#1262 – DINOSAUR SURPRISE by Agnese Baruzzi



Written & Illustrated by Agnese Baruzzi
Minedition 3/1/2020
20 Pages   Age 3—5

Genre:  Children’s Board Book
Themes: Dinosaurs, Surprise Flaps




Every animal in this book looks cute and small—until you unfold the flaps to reveal a much bigger dinosaur within!

Is that a jellyfish or a Pterodactyl? Is that a parrot or a Triceratops?

Open the flaps to find out! (from back cover)

Opening Sentences

“Look, isn’t that a beautiful butterfly?   No, that’s a Pteranodon.”

Why I like Dinosaur Surprise

Young children interested in dinosaurs will love Dinosaur Surprise.  From Archaeopteryx, resembling a funky flying turkey, to Tyrannosaurus Rex, the alpha of all dinosaurs. Ten relics of its time will face each child brave enough to take hold of the trifold flap and lift while pulling it to the right. How does a “beautiful butterfly” (the lower wings look like two heads), turn into a Pteranodon?    Why would a little sardine turn itself into a Stegosaurus? Why not a great white shark and rule the oceans?

Author / illustrator Agnese Baruzzi has created a fun, surprise board book children will be delighted to own. Familiar animals becoming prehistoric creatures will be the highlight of any budding paleontologist’s day. Dinosaur Surprise is a great way to introduce youngsters to some of the oldest creatures to roam the earth. Parents will appreciate that the illustrations are not representative of each dinosaur, to a “T;” making the creatures look less dangerous and scary. Young children can laugh and giggle when they pull out each flap.

Dinosaur Surprise is a wonderful exercise in dexterity and eye-hand coordination, as the child reaches for and pulls each flap. Parents will enjoy watching their children learn to take control of the flap, each time as delighted as the last causing contagious giggles.

Favorite Metamorphosis

The little hedgehog, really sitting around minding its own business when suddenly—and no one knows why or how—the hedgehog transforms into a medium build, awkward-looking  Parasaurolophus. It keeps the hedgehog’s face and nose, which looks as surprised as children will be to see this funny looking creature on the pull out flap. And to answer the question: No! I would not want to pet a Parasaurolophus!

Illustrations Rendered digitally.

Available at Amazon

DINOSAUR SURPRISE. Copyright © 2020 by Agnese Baruzzi. Published by Minedition, Zurich, Switzerland.


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      • Ha! No, the dinosaurs grab KIDs’ attention…the mechanics of the book is what gets MY attention 🙂 And yeah, I’m online and watching TV (CNN) way more than I should be,mostly ROARing about the insanity I’m seeing play out in our country. But glad you’re staying out and staying virus-free. I’m still fighting “something” and am not confident it still can’t hit us due to the incubation period. THAT’s the stress, too. But hang in there 😀 oxox


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