#1266 – HOPPY FLOPPY’S CARROT HUNT by Educational Insights & Lucia Gaggiotti



A Lift-the-Flap Book
Written by Educational Insights
Illustrated by Lucia Gaggiotti
Candlewick Entertainment
978-1-5362-1231-0    3/3/2020
12 Pages   Age 0—3

Genre:  Children’s Board Book, Fiction
Themes: Easter, Rabbits, Carrot Hunting




Help a determined bunny find a carrot of every color in this
egg-shaped lift-the-flap board book based on the best-selling game.

Everyone can find an orange carrot, but what if you’re looking for a carrot of a different color? Hoppy Floppy the rabbit is combing the forest floor for carrots in all the colors of the rainbow, with the help of Sneaky, Snacky Squirrel and all of their friends. Inspired by the award-winning board game, this fun, sturdy board book for preschoolers strengthens color and number recognition, with flaps for little hands to lift and explore. (from publisher)

Opening Sentences

“Hoppy Floppy is searching for colorful carrots on the forest floor. Can you help her find an ORANGE carrot for her basket?”

Why I like Hoppy Floppy’s Carrot Hunt

Hoppy Floppy, star of his own game for kids called, Hoppy Floppy’s Happy Hunt, is now starring in a board book, Hoppy Floppy’s Carrot Hunt, right in time for Easter reading. I bet you’re thinking, “Why, those two titles almost look identical!”

You would be correct.

The reason is simple. Hoppy Floppy originally made a board game where he helps YOU fill a basket with colorful carrots. Now, Hoppy Floppy is filling his own basket with colorful carrots and he needs your help. Hoppy Floppy’s friends are ready to help, too. Maybe you know them?

Frida the Toucan put away her game to help you find a purple carrot. Sneaky Snacky Squirrel stored all his acorns so he could help find the pink carrot. Frankie the Cat stored her food, then drove her food truck all the way to Hoppy Floppy’s forest, just to help you find a yellow carrot. And Shelby the Pug hid all his dog bones and is waiting to help you find a blue carrot. The only friend not here is Sophie the Otter; she needs to stay in the ocean. To find the colorful carrots there are three possible choices, each hidden under a flap called a lift-the-flap. Choose a flap and lift it up. Will you find a carrot or something else?  You might find items from any of the characters’ board games. The flap will also have a short sentence for you to read. It could say, “Try again.” or even “You found it!”

Most flaps begin with a carrot top sticking out of the ground, which is important.  Without a carrot top to pull on, how do you get the carrot out of the ground? This is why the two flaps without a carrot top will probably not have a carrot. One flap is even located in a tree, where a bird will help lift-the-flap. I wonder if this was intentional and for what reason.

Young children will immediately want to lift the flap where the character is helping. Three out of five times a character pulls the correct answer. The flaps are easy to open, each having an indented starting point to guide kids (and me!).There are only five colors to learn, but it is a start and may spark an interest in colors, including how to spell each word.

At the end of the carrot hunt, after all the colorful carrots have been found, kids can again put the carrots into a basket by turning a wheel embedded into last sturdy page. As you turn the wheel, the different carrots go into or out of the basket. Turn the wheel the opposite direction, and now the carrots enter the basket from the opposite direction. (Young children will understand this faster than I did.)

Played often, children can even begin to learn how to read. Most importantly, lifting flaps in books like this Lift-the-Flap can help children with eye-hand coordination and fine motor skills. These may seem like a lot for a young toddler, but their brains are like a sponge, the perfect age for learning and retention.

Hoppy Floppy’s Carrot Hunt makes a wonderful reading experience for young children. One way to get children interested in books and reading is to read to them, often. Books like Hoppy Floppy’s Carrot Hunt can make books and reading even more interesting by involving children in the story.

Here’s an idea. This Easter, present Hoppy Floppy’s Carrot Hunt to your child by placing it in his or her Easter basket. If you can, also get Hoppy Floppy’s game. During the day, Hoppy Floppy can help fill your child’s basket with colorful carrots. Then, in the evening or before bedtime, your child can help Hoppy Floppy fill his basket with more colorful carrots.

That sounds like the Best. Easter. Ever!

Illustrations created digitally.

Available at Amazon (Book)                 Hoppy Floppy’s Happy Hunt (Game)

HOPPY FLOPPY’S CARROT HUNT. Text Copyright © 2020 by Educational Insights. Illustrations copyright © 2015, 2020 by Educational Insights. Published by Candlewick Entertainment/Candlewick Press, Somerville, MA.

*Educational Insights is an award-winning company invested in children’s learning and play. They create “kid-powered toys and engaging games.” For more than 50 years, Educational Insights has grown along with generations of children, inspiring their imaginations, creativity, and love of learning. For the best in children’s toys and games, check out Educational Insights.

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[560 word count—review only]

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