#1279 – INDIA TREASURE QUEST by Wolfe & Jaramillo

“Weekend Board Book”


Tiny Travelers™ Country Guides #4
Written by Steven Wolfe Pereira & Susie Jaramillo
Illustrated by Meiyee Tan & Abigail Gross
Encantos Media Studios 5/26/2020
22 Pages   Age 3—6

Genre:  “Weekend” Board Book, Nonfiction
Themes: India, Cultures, Diversity, Global-Awareness




Come explore incredible India and see if you can find the many cultural treasures that make this country unique. Discover fun facts along the way and try to find all the treasures to collect your Tiny Travelers stamps!


There’s a great big world to explore, full of people and cultures and so much more! Geography, language, food, sports, music, and monuments from cities and ports. Join the Tiny Travelers Club and become a citizen of the world. (Go to tinytravelers.com to sign up and get free stickers and more.(from back cover)

Opening Verses

“Welcome to India,
Tiny Travelers!
Let’s go on a quest,
there’s treasure to find.
Not silver or gold,
but another special kind.

“And along the way,
there are fun facts to know.
Are you ready? All set?
Let’s go, Tiny Travelers, go!”

Why I like India Treasure Quest (Tiny Travelers™ Country Guides #4)

Opening with a map of India and the surrounding countries, icons highlight areas of interest; most all described in the book. The Indian flag can be seen along with basic Indian statistics (capital is New Delhi, 20 different languages spoken, Indian money is the Rupee and more). After welcoming the Tiny Travelers, the adventure in India begins.

Each spread is a new stop through India, with ten stops total. On each spread is the name of the location (such as Eden Gardens, Kolkata, West Bengal), a two stanza rhyming information about the location (such as Red Fort in Delhi), and an Indian word kids may not know (with pronunciation). There are also two information boxes.  “Did You Know” adds an additional fact about India, while the white box (usually near the top of the spread) asks kids to find something hidden in the illustration,(the “search and find” feature found in all Tiny Travelers™ Country Guides).

The colorful illustrations visualize the information, giving young children another way to absorb this introduction to India. This can be a city, such as Mumbai, where movies flow out of Bollywood (think Hollywood) or a special day or festival, such as the Holi festival marking the beginning of spring. During Holi, people run through a park or other designated area throwing colorful powder up into the air as they run through it. By the end of the run, everyone is multicolored and often unrecognizable.

Published for children age 3 to 6, each Tiny Travelers™ Country Guide board books are 6.5 inches by 9 inches; larger than an ordinary board book. Spilt milk quickly cleans off the thick, glossy pages that little fingers can easily turn. Teachers, and home-schooling parents, can use the Tiny Travelers™ series to introduce geography to their students and toddlers in addition to cultures, sports, nature, people, and places.

Curious preschoolers will question and compare what they learn with their own world. Adding the “Search and Find” segment gives each child a hands-on experience with both reading and the content at hand. Parents planning a trip to India can prepare their child by reading the India Treasure Quest. (Other Tiny Travelers™ Country Guides include Mexico, China, Puerto Rico, France, and Japan, with additional counties planned.)

From New Delhi to Punjab, kids will get a good beginning understanding of the diversity and culture of India. Tiny Travelers™ Country Guides introduce young children to a new global awareness at a time when their brains can soak in this adventure-based learning.

Illustrations Rendered digitally.

Available at Amazon:  India

Also available:  Mexico –  ChinaPuerto RicoFranceJapan

INDIA TREASURE QUEST (Tiny Travelers™ Country Guides #4). Text Copyright © 2020 by Steven Wolfe Pereira & Susie Jaramillo. Illustrations copyright © 2020 by Meiyee Tan & Abigail Gross. Published by Encantos Media Studios, Culver City, CA.


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