Need Answers – Very Important – Must Know ASAP!

Hello, my dear readers.

I am confounded, a bit more than usual.  Recently, I ran a double, and today a triple, review.  The reason being is there are many books this Fall season that need attention.  To get them all in, sometimes when the grouping feels right, I double-up.

I love your comments.  I greatly appreciate each and every word you write.  Reading the review can often take some time, but then to spend more time writing a comment is, well, unbelievable.  I have some of the best–THE BEST–followers on the net.  If I could toss a book to each of you, I would.

I certainly do not want to short change you, the authors, illustrators, or publishers.  That would be the worst thing a reviewer could do.  Worse than even a nightmare review.  Still, I feel like I’ve short-changed each of you.  Why?  Well, you are all so great about commenting, but when a double or triple review goes up, your comments drop out of sight.  That is such a sad, tear-inducing shame.

It could be that you are all using the fancy new font making its way around the net. The font “Invisi” was devised by a reclusive font-maker.  For those of you unfamiliar with this font, comments written with it are invisible, except to the one who wrote it.  I love new fonts, especially crazy ones and Invisi font is the craziest.  But it is nice to read what you think of the books on KLR, and more importantly (for me), I love replying to you.  I love communicating with those that will take the time to say a word or two.

If you are still with me, and I apologize for being long-winded, here is what I need help with.  I need to know if the problem is the multiple reviews.  Are you using the Invisi font, which I hear is mega fast, because there are too many reviews to read and comment on in one visit?  Would  you prefer that I never write more than one review a day?

Please let me know what you think about multiple reviews; what do you want to read here at KLR.

Unfortunately, because the owner of KLR gets jittery when there are no comments, I have been ordered to try and dismantle the Invisi font for use on KLR.  I love to read your comments and reply to each of you personally.  Plus, if I do not, the site owner will get more than jittery.  She’ll pull my reviews and my access to KLR.  So I beg of you, dear readers, please no more Invisi font or any of the imitators that will surely be released in Invisi’s wake.

Never forget, my enthusiastic readers, are extremely appreciated!



29 thoughts on “Need Answers – Very Important – Must Know ASAP!

  1. OK, I just caught up on these VERY entertaining comments and responses. I was giggling a LOT 😀 Aside from the fact that everyone loves your reviews, Sue, what I’ve gleaned from this is that you don’t want to become the “Reviewer who cried ‘IMPORTANT’!” lol


  2. Lol. I find the same thing which is why I usually do one book at a time in a post – weird huh? Loved your thoughts here… I’ll have to look out for that new font! lol.


  3. I like multiple reviews especially for picture books. I think mix it up so you have a variety. I don’t comment on all as I think you will get sick of me. Keep up the great reviews


    • Aah, I would never get sick of your comments. Really I would not. Really. Keep writing. I’ll let you know when you are making me sick, uh, that’s not really what I meant. I mean if I get sick of you. That’s sounds bad, too. 👿

      Let’s just say I won’t get sick of you, because I know what makes me sick and it is not writers, friends, or comments on every review by the same person. So you are safe on all counts, I believe. No, you’re not. So sorry. You do not comment on every review, so almost on every count. 😀


  4. I love your reviews! I kind of like posts that feature similar books. But I don’t think one post with multiple books allows for your in depth coverage. I was confused by your multiple posts though, because you had the multiple post and then you had separate posts for each book and I think we commented on the separate posts. I’m happy to read whatever you have to say.


    • I am so sorry, Rhythm. It must have felt like chasing your tail. 😦

      The multi post was so everyone knew there were three new posts and at the end of the partial review is a link to read the rest of the review. I am so sorry if this confused you. I can see how this would, but had not thought of that until you brought it up. The way WordPress works, each post must post first for a post containing links to those reviews to make sense. I could use a page for the reviews, but then they cannot be found without scanning the archive list. Boy, I can see now why this was so confusing. I am confused. But I have decided no more multiple reviews unless it really must happen, like if I have to review books 1 and 2 in a series. 🙂


  5. I REALLY enjoy your humor and your reviews! You are definitely one of the most direct reviewers, which I appreciate. My vote is for you to keep to a single review per post. I feel the individual review showcases a book and the multiple review devalues by lumping the books together. I dislike lumping. There’s my two cents worth!


    • Oh, my! I never want to devalue a book. What a horrible thought. And never my intention.

      Many people want books on certain subjects. “Lumping” them into a group and reviewing them seemed a prudent thing to do. This group was for boys. Guess I won’t do the next post, which was a threesome for girls. If anyone complains, I will let you explain. I do need a spokesperson sometimes. What better than a wolf? How many people are going to complain? Not one! Just do not start off by calling yourself loveable. That would cause problems. 😉

      Since you only have two-cents, I am inclined to ignore the “I dislike “lumping” comment. The going rate for commenting on this site is five-cents. This is the “Peanuts Policy” and I abide by it. So sorry. (Not everyone likes this policy. Nationwide has gone so far as to debunk it in their commercials!) 😀


  6. Multiple reviews are fine with me. I don’t read each and every review, just the ones that grab my interest. If you have more than one review at a time, I am more likely to see one that truly interests me.


    • That is an interesting observation.
      The bigger the variety, the more chances a book will find your attention. I will remember that. I try to find books that are exceptionally good, though sometimes I must review what I am sent. Maybe the next question i should ask, when things slow up, is what genre does each of you like to read and which do you dislike. Thanks for stopping by and giving me an answer. I appreciate it. 🙂


  7. Thanks very much for asking what we think. So thoughtful. I like one review per day. That way, I can focus on the one book. For me, with all the reviews that I read, less is more.


    • I feel that this site is as much the readers as it is mine. Without all of you, there would be no point to writing.

      I do understand the less is more concept. From what I have read in all of these thoughtful replies, I think I will be sticking to one review a day, unless there is something imperative that calls for a multiple post. Thanks for your opinion. 🙂


  8. Hi, Suzanne 🙂 I can tell you I’m only typing in the “comment” box and whichever font this is, is what I’m using. I can’t imagine why anyone would want to post something no one else could read! lol

    As far as multiple reviews, I know it’s difficult for me to read that many, especially since I follow quite a few blogs which post daily. I know that, hopefully some time soon, I will learn how to approach all of it so I can cut down on time spent with blogs, so I’m sure I will graze and be more selective about what I read. I would say to do what you’re comfortable with, but I become overwhelmed when I see a long line-up of new blog posts. What I’m confused about is why, in my WordPress Reader, your posts go up individually and then grouped, which, for the 3 book reviews you compiled, they also showed up, each as an individual post, putting out a total of 4 posts.

    And it would be foolish for anyone to stop you from doing reviews—you’re so good at it! 🙂


    • The Invisi font is something you must use a special code with to get it working–or so I have been told. 😉

      The reason they posted as they did is because to do a multiple review I must first review the books as I normally would. This will produce a notice for each book in the group. In this case, three. Then I must write a post with the three books on one post with a smidge of the review and the link for the rest. WordPress then sends out a notice regarding that post.

      You know, I never thought about the number of notices (4), WordPress would send out with this last review posting. I am sincerely sorry about the four notices right in a row. I had to have the reviews post first one minute apart, and then the next minute I post the composite so it is on top. Had I thought about all those notices, I would not have done a multiple review. I hate it when my inbox is so full of things I must read. I only have so much time each day–or every other day– to read my favorite posts and then some. So I definitely understand your frustrations and I apologize for being a part of them yesterday.

      And thank you. I will definitely be telling that boss of mine what you and the others have said. Darn right I will! 😀


  9. I don’t think it matters that you post more, but I know with me it takes a while for me to get to them (like I have 3 sitting in my inbox right now 🙂 ). I saw this post listed as “Important” so I am reading it first and then i am going to go back and read the others. 🙂 But I LIKE – no, I LOVE your reviews!


    • That’s It!!
      You just figured out the secret to getting so many comments. All I need to do is to mark the post “Important.” Wow! I can definitely do this. But we must keep this secret highly guarded, else all the other reviewers will start doing this. If “Important!” gets saturated it will no longer work. So I must swear you, Erik, to secrecy. May I count on your discretion?


          • OK! Here it is (first draft): There once was town called Kid-Lit-Reviews, and everyone there wrote nice, honest, book reviews. But one day, a book reviewer didn’t get enough “LIKES” and decided to write “IMPORTANT!!!” at the top of her review, and she got a bunch of “LIKES” Seeing how good it worked, she decided to put it up in every review title. Now she had 10x as much “LIKES” then when sh didn’t put “IMPORTANT!” But the thing was, people were starting to get annoyed, so they decided to stop reading the reviews from that book reviewer. But one day, the book reviewer found traces of a hacker in her reviewing system, and needed to get help. She put “VERY IMPORTANT!!!” into the book review title. But everyone who saw the title didn’t even look at the review. Then the hacker took over the review system and the book reviewer never reviewed books again. The End. 😎


  10. I read what I’m interested in – on your blog and all the other blogs I follow. If you review 3 books and I’m only captured by one of them, that’s the one I read. If you review one book and it doesn’t interest me, I skip it and come back the next day. If I have something to say (or Cupcake does) then we say it. It’s not you. It’s me…. That being said – Keep doing what you’re doing. My to-be-read list would be a lot shorter without you!!


    • “It’s not you. It’s me.” Well, if I had known this was your fault I could have saved the above post. 😉

      I do welcome and value your opinion. I am also very happy to be lengthening your to-be-read list! 🙂


  11. I enjoy reading your reviews. Hats off to you for being able to do multiple reviews in one post! Thanks so much for this great site.


  12. LOL Suzanne, wish you’d speak plainly and stop beating around the Bush LOL
    Your reviews are great and well written. You seem to have the same problem I have on my blog, lots of visitors, some likes and a few comments from stalwarts and friends.
    Hope things pick up for you 🙂
    BTW tell your site owner not to pull the site, or you, away from its adoring public or I may pay her a visit – and lots of accidents to furniture seem to happen when my 500 lb presence sits on them LOL


  13. It doesn’t matter to me how many reviews are in one post. I just like to follow and read the genres I like. Keep up the great work. I hope you are feeling better.

    Paul R. Hewlett


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