#424 – Sports Illustrated Kids Rookie Books: Football Colors By Mark Weakland

football colors.

Sports Illustrated Kids Rookie Books: Football Colors

By Mark Weakland

Capstone Press


Back Cover:  A football field is the perfect place to find your favorite color!

Opening:  Football is a colorful game. The players, the field, and even the fans are covered in colors. GREEN The green grass on a football field spreads out like a giant carpet.

About the Board Book: Sports Illustrated Kids Football Colors is approximately 9 by 10 inches, with thick pages, and loads of football photographs, from college teams and the NFL. In addition to colors, the book talks about the game of football. Teams include from the NFL:  Green Bay Packers, Cleveland Browns, New York Giants, Baltimore Ravens, Philadelphia Eagles, Oakland Raiders; and from college: Nebraska Cornhuskers, and Arizona State Sun Devils. Young boys will love to learn colors from this set.


What I Thought: I think it is smart for Sports Illustrated to be involved with these board books from Capstone. Most often at this age, little boys want to be like dad. If dad likes football, it is possible the young boy will be more interested in these colors and learning them. Written in large letters at least an inch tall and outlined in black, the words standout even more. I like the sentence(s) that are with each color. Not only does it use the color in a sentence, it makes some remark about football.


Go deep!

Decked out in blue, the quarterback

Drops back and fires a pass.

I think it is interesting that the color pink is in the Sports Illustrated Kids Football Colors. I would have thought that color would have been difficult to find considering a football item represents the color on the right side of each spread. The author did find the color pink on a uniform accessory belonging to Cary Williams of the Philadelphia Eagles. Williams wore pink gloves as part of Breast Cancer Awareness Month last October. Even the football has the pink breast cancer ribbon on it. Since then I have been finding loads of subtle pink in uniforms, see football uniforms by Uniform Store.


I like the thick pages. Little football players being flagged for a tear is less likely to happen. The pages are also easy to wipe off when fumbled peanut butter, or some other fortifying food, lands on the field, I mean on the book. The pages in my book stuck together, making them difficult for me to open. I do think with constant use, and boys will use this book often, the pages will lose that stickiness. In addition to Sports Illustrated Kids Football Colors, two more books are in the SI Kids Rookie Books series: Football ABC and Football Opposites. If hockey is you and your child’s sport, the SI Kids Rookie Books series includes Hockey Counting, Hockey Patterns, and Hockey Shapes.


Sports Illustrated Kids Rookie Books: Football Colors

By Mark Weakland    website    bio    facebook    linkedin

Capstone Press    website    blog    facebook    twitter    pinterest

Released February 1, 2013

ISBN:  978-1-4296-9966-2

32 Pages

Grades Pre-K to 2


© 2013 by Capstone Press, used with permission

Text copyright © 2013 by Mark Weakland

Capstone Press is an imprint of Capstone Books



football colors


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