#562 – Monster Needs His Sleep by Paul Czajak & Wendy Grieb + Giveaway

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Monster & Me™

Book 2: Monster Needs His Sleep

written by Paul Czajak

illustrations by Wendy Grieb

Scarletta Kids         4/15/2014


Age 4 to 8        32 pages


“In this silly bedtime story, it’s time for bed, and Monster needs to go to sleep. But he just keeps finding more things to stay awake for! It isn’t until Monster admits he is afraid of the dark that he finds a glowing solution to his nightmare problem. In this playful, rhyming story, Monster shows kids that with a little help from a friend, the dark isn’t so scary after all. The Monster & Me™ series helps kids build character, social, and emotional learning skills through entertaining and memorable real life situations”


“Monster needs to get his sleep. It’s time to go to bed. But when I said it’s sleepy time, he roared, “Let’s play instead!”

Interview with Boy and Monster. If you have not read this, it is worth checking out! Click HERE.



In the first book in the Monster & Me series, Monster Needs a Costume, it is Halloween and Monster cannot decide what to wear. He tries on several costumes, all of which are great for Monster, but none of which he wants. In the long awaited follow-up, Monster Needs His Sleep, Monster simply needs to go to sleep. Boy must be exhausted after caring for Monster all day, but he has one more thing to do before tomorrow can arrive: get Monster in bed and asleep.

Monster is stubborn and strong—not to mention large—and knows how to get his way. But Monster is also a kind-hearted soul who loves Boy. Monster is really not a monster at all. Just like most two-year-olds, Monster is a sweet creature that sometimes jumps into his monster disguise. Do these excuses sound familiar: I’m still playing; one more story; I need a snack; I need a drink? Yup, kids will identify with Monster. Boy does a good job of moving Monster along, in much the same way parent’s move their little ones to bed and sleep.


The illustrations are fantastic with oodles of details to delight your child—and you! The rhyming story is fun to read aloud. The words leave your tongue as if they were meant to slid off and amuse your child. The rhyming will help hold kids’ attention while they enjoy this silly story and time with you. Monster and Boy are a great team and Boy a wonderful monster-parent. Monster Needs His Sleep is the perfect bedtime story to help your child close his or her eyes and fall fast asleep dreaming of their own Monster.



COMING SOON!  Monster Needs a Christmas Tree, September, 2014.


MONSTER NEEDS HIS SLEEP. Text copyright © 2014 by Paul Czajak. Illustrations copyright © 2014 by Wendy Grieb. Reproduced by permission of the publisher, Scarletta Kids, Minneapolis, MN.


Monster Needs His Sleep is now available from AmazonB&NiTunesScarletta Kidsyour local bookstore.

Meet the author, Paul Czajak, at his website:   http://paulczajak.com/

Meet the illustrator, Wendy Grieb, at her website:   http://wendygrieb.tumblr.com/

Check out Scarletta Kids at the publisher’s website:   http://scarlettapress.com/scarletta-kids/


Also by Paul Czajak and Wendy Grieb



Monster Needs a Costume



monster needs his sleep


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  5. My grandson loves monsters. I’m going to give these titles to his mom to check out at the library. Thanks for sharing them, Sue.


  6. You know what, book trailers are really starting to take off for this age group. We just watched Lately Lilley on one of your other reviews and little G wanted it asap. They are actually pretty simple to make when you have illustrations. After reading your review, it sounds like a book little G will love, perhaps I won’t show her the trailer or I will have nothing left in my purse, he he. Thanks for joining us on the Kid Lit Blog Hop


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