#783 – Big Bear Little Chair by Lizi Boyd

Saturday was an exciting day. My Ohio State Buckeyes won the border battle against University of Michigan. I was not expecting the trouncing Michigan took in their, no, in Ohio State’s win. Score: 42 to 13. By all rights the Bucks should have had 45 points, but instead of a field goal, they ran out the fourth down. They were in the red zone, which seemed to be the entire field for the Bucks — covered in Scarlet and Grey. After last weeks disappointing loss, and the wicked drop to 8th in the national standings, I hope Ohio State gets back up into the top four. I would love to watch them win a second national title. But, alas, Saturday is over. Today is Sunday, and with it a new review about a big bear and a little bear.

big bear little chair slanted cover
Big Bear Little Chair

Written & Illustrated by Lizi Boyd
Chronicle Books     10/06/2015
32 pages      Ages 3—5

“In this artful and deceptively simple book, master book creator Lizi Boyd is at it again. Using her inimitable style to expand upon a familiar concept, she has created a compendium of unexpected opposites that is also a charming and emotionally warm story about Big Bear, little bear, and the stories that bring them together.” [inside jacket]

Big Bear, Little Chair is a book of opposites: one large, one small; at least relative to the pair of pictures (one always being an animal). There are four sections inside this book, always with a red page in the spread. The book begins with big bear and little chair. Big bear, stands by his big chair and the empty little chair, looks lonely, maybe even upset. Where is his little bear?

In the next section, little bear stands by the little chair, trying to climb up into the empty big chair. In the third, big bear and little bear stand next to their respective chair. Little bear tries to coax big bear into picking him up with no luck. Finally, in the last section both big bear and little bear sit in their respective chair, smiling and happy as if they finally succeeded in reaching their goal.

Big Bear Little Chair_Int_2Some of the opposites seem to have no relationship. A big zebra holds a little broom; a big rabbit and a little flower; and big mountains and a little picnic. Then there are the pairs that could make sense. A big owl sits on a little branch; a big elephant performs a little trick; and sharing the night sky are a big moon and a little star.

Big Bear Little Chair_Int_1

So what is the point of all of these opposites? I think the answer is up to you.

The final spread contains all the opposite objects and animals inside a large circle. Big bear sits outside the circle holding little bear in its lap. I think those opposites were the subjects of big bear’s stories to little bear. It contains all the stories you and your kids can make up with each new page of opposites. Now, having the big, little, small, and tiny opposites together, you can choose any to pair together in a story or go all out and make up a story involving every item.

big penguin little iceberg tiny hatNow, I don’t know if this was the author’s intent. Maybe she simply wrote and drew an opposite book for the sake of mastering opposites and size comparisons. Here is what I believe: Every book can be whatever you want it to be and Big Bear, Little Chair is no exception. Kids have great imaginations and tell wonderful stories. Given these odd opposites, imagine the stories your kids and/or your students can tell.

Kids, young and old, will enjoy the fun of figuring out why Boyd drew a big penguin sitting on a little iceberg, while wearing a tiny hat. Imagine the size difference between the big owl and the little branch it is perched upon. Then, imagine why in the world a big owl—huge really—perch upon a little branch? Compare and learn, then imagine and have fun. Big Chair, Little Chair has a lot going on for a small book of opposites.

BIG BEAR, LITTLE CHAIR. Text and illustrations copyright © 2015 by Lizi Boyd. Reproduce by permission of the publisher, Chronicle Books, San Francisco, CA.

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Copyright © 2015 by Sue Morris/Kid Lit Reviews. All Rights Reserved

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BIG BEAR, LITTLE CHAIR. Text and illustrations copyright © 2015 by Lizi Boyd. Used by permission of Chronicle Books.

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8 thoughts on “#783 – Big Bear Little Chair by Lizi Boyd

  1. You know, I haven’t seen this book yet! Hmmm…I would’ve expected to by now. I’ll have to make a point of looking for it next time I’m in Barnes. I loved FLASHLIGHT and I’m sure this one is just as compelling.


  2. Sounds like a fun concept book. Parents could use this book in many different ways.

    Yay, Go Bucks! I didn’t realize you are such a fan. Most of our family attended or attends OSU. My husband’s daughter is the nutritionist for the Athletic Dept and is credited with getting them eating healthy. Do you live in Ohio? Are we neighbors?


    • I do live in Ohio. In Columbus for most of my adult life, then mom dragged me back home when I got ill. Moms! I really miss Columbus. I went to Capital U. for undergrad and then OSU for grad school. And I bleed Scarlet & Grey. (Hated those black-out uniforms).

      Wow, your daughter is the Athletic Dept. nutritionist? I bet she goes to a lot of sporting events. Lucky, lucky. Good for her getting those kids to eat right. It sure seems to have helped. How long has she been doing this? (Last year’s National Champs?)


      • She’s been the nutritionist for over 10 years. She designed individual nutrition zones for each player so they were eating healthy. Now she’s over the entire athletic dept., including her two sons who play golf for OSU. I spent 31 yrs in Cols and then moved to Dayton, which I like better. Smaller and I love the cultural activities here. 🙂


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